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Research Status of Grow Light Technology


In the report, a variety of Plant Lighting LED light sources were shared in detail, including small and medium power light sources, discrete High-power Samsung LM301B LEDs Plant grow light sources, COB light sources, etc.

Among them, the small and medium-power light source packaging technology is mature, the industrialization degree is high, and the cost advantage is large; the wavelength and spectrum range are wide, regardless of the light source and the Indoor Vertical Farming LED Grow Light 640 Watt are adjustable, the number and color can be freely matched, and the spectrum can be adjusted freely. PPF and energy density are low. Suitable for multi-level vertical farms.

The discrete high-power light source uses high power, high PPF and high energy density; thermoelectric separation, good heat dissipation performance, stable work; can achieve a variety of light angles. The cost is high, the temperature of the light source is high when using high power, and good heat dissipation is required, which increases the cost of the lamp.

High PPE Led Plant Lights application, suitable for greenhouse planting.

The COB light source has uniform light distribution, which saves the cost of one-time packaging of the light source and the production cost of light engine modules. The installation and production of the plant lighting plant is simple and convenient. The serial-parallel mode of the light source is fixed, unlike the discrete light source, the number and color can be freely matched, and the spectrum can be adjusted freely; the package volume is large and the lamp size is limited. High PPF product application can penetrate large plants and 640W Spider LED Grow Light on the top.

In terms of Grow Light Folding 8 Strips LED spectrum, there are multiple solutions, involving multiple monochromatic light combination solutions, blue chip excitation phosphor solutions, full spectrum solutions, etc.

A variety of monochromatic light combinations, mainly blue-red light that is most effective for plant photosynthesis, plus far-red light that induces plant flowering and promotes leaf growth, plus green light and UVA. These spectra are based on different plants. Combine the most suitable spectrum according to requirements. The high cost is not suitable for the growth of any plant.

The blue chip excitation phosphor solution uses phosphors with different excitation wavelengths to obtain light energy in different wavelength bands according to the different needs of plants. The cost is much lower than the monochromatic light combination solution. PPF and energy density are low.

The Full Spectrum Indirect Sun Light Plants solution realizes the full coverage of the visible light spectrum (400-700nm) required by plants. It is suitable for all plants and has a lower cost than the monochromatic light combination solution. The PPF and energy density are low, and the full spectrum excitation cost is high.

Mainly with white light, plus the 660nm red light combination scheme to improve the effectiveness of the spectrum, which is more economical and practical; far-red light and UVA can be added according to different types of plants and growth stages.

1000w Quantumn Board Led Grow Light

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